Shim Chang-min

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Shim Changmin
Name: Shim Changmin
Stage name: Choikang Changmin or Max
Birthdate: 1988 02 18
Birthplace: Seoul
Family: Dad, mom and two younger sisters
Interests: Listening to music, singing
Blood type: B
Strengths: Singing, dancing
Awards: 6th Annual SM Entertainment - Best Youth Competition, 1st Place and ''Best Singing'' Award
Band: DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki), TVXQ
Position: High Vocals
Starsign: Aquarius

Some facts about Chang-min:
 - He is youngest in the band
 - Mismatched eyes when smiling
 - Shy, but can be talkative
 - Loves eating, he can eat 8 meals a day
 - Can surpress his feelings, but at times, they get out (when DBSK won the award at MKMF he cried)
 - Really tries to do his absolute best when it comes to music, but when he is not satisfied with his singing he cries.
 - Changmin doesn't like to drink with his hyungs, he'd rather drink alone.
 - Encourages his fans to study
 - Said he wouldn't let his sisters date with members of DBSK
 - He is very smart, he's IQ is 150.

Shim Changmin was born in Seoul, in 1988. He was grouped with the youngest participants in the audition. Like Xiah Junsu, he impressed the judges with his powerful voice. He joined the group under the name Choikang Changmin. Choikang in korean means ''Most powerful'', or approximately, ''the best''; ''Max'' became an international rendition of his name.
Changmin is the youngest (or maknae) in the group although he is the most modest and has the deepest thoughts. During debut (2004) Changmin held the image of the ''Cute Maknae'', but recently, he exposed that because of Junsu, he almost lost his income. What happened was that at their debut, Changmin held the cute image in the group, but Junsu came out with ''Angel Xiah'' and took the cute image, resulting in Changmin not having any road to follow. Changmin revealed ''Because of him, I just became the tall kid in TVXQ''. After that they revealed that ''The members of TVXQ had a big fight because we all had our own images but Xiah Junsu messed it up''.
As a young boy he was shy and quiet person who doesn't really talk much during interviews, but he is very talkative and witty once you get to know him. He can be honest and blunt when he strongly believes that something not be done. When he was in elementary school in 6th grade, he delivered newspapers as a part-time job. As his parents are teachers, he was also very competitive and was trying very hard at schoolwork and reading, and encourages all his fans to do well in school and study. He also encourages them to spend more time and money on their parents and family: this is shown in his UFO replies (although they can be a bit snarky and witty sometimes).
He also topped the 4ChaWon (a person who seems to be from outer space) stars since last year as shown on YTN STAR. 4ChaWon stars are popular and well-known for their axtraordinary, different and unique personalities. For Changmin they showed a picture of a page from his childhood diary and he filled up a page by writting a list of foods. They're saying that his behaviour, poses and actions seem to be weird, interesting and unique.

Early life

Shim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He is the first-born son of teachers and has two younger sisters, Shim Soo Yeon and Shim Ji Yeon. Shim was first spotted by an SM talent scout while playing badminton in gym class. After school the talent scout told Shim that she was employed to SM, gave him a card, and told him to audition. Shim at the time having no desire of becoming a singer, was forced to go by his mother who wanted to see BoA, then an already debuted artist. Shim auditioned soon after, being taken to SM by his mother without his father's knowledge. Being told he would be contacted in three weeks, Shim was called after three days and joined SM soon after. Shim won the best singer and best artist award in SM Entertainment's 6th Annual Youth Competition. He debuted with TVXQ in 2003 with the group's debut song "Hug" on SBS network's BoA andBritney Spears showcase special.

Musical career 

Apart from his contribution in musical activities with TVXQ, Changmin has also participated in solo projects. In 2007, he wrote the lyrics to the track ''Evergreen'' which was composed by fellow band member Yoochun and included SM Town's compilation album 2007 Winter SM Town - Only Love. In 2008 he wrote the Korean lyrics to ''Love in the ice'' for the group's 4th Korean album ''MIROTIC''. In the same year Changmin also sang his Japanese solo track ''Wild soul'' for TVXQ's 17th Japanese single of the ''TRICK'' project, Two hearts/Wild soul.

Changmin, like the rest of TVXQ has a dog called Mang Dong ha which is a female Maltese, named after small type of fish. He chose this dog because the rest of TVXQ have big dogs and he mentioned that he wanted to stand out, although Junsu and Jaejoong have expressed that the dog is so small that you can't even see it. 

Changmin is known for his love of food and he eats whenever he sees food. He says that he usually would eat sic to eight meals a day, but due to TVXQ's heavy schedule he doesn't get the chance to. But you can catch him snacking with other members here and here. However, even though his work interferes with his eating time, he loves it when he gets to eat as he works shown here and here.

Changmin comes out on Athena with charismatic hairdo 

TVXQ Changmin will appear on SBS ''Athena'' on the 9th. He will come out as an agent to rescue NTS which has fallen under terrorist threat as agent Choi Tae Hyun. He is an agent specializing in nuclear power and explosives and is being sent to the front lines after getting an emergency call from NTS. He will carry the NTS from the threat by playing a critical role in rescuing Jae Hee (Lee Ji Ah) as well as defusing an explosive. He was able to work profesionally with Choi Siwon on the set on the 4th. The staff commented ''He wasn't nervous at all even though he was acting with actors such as Yoo Dong Guen which amazed the staff'' . Changmin also is coming out on ''Paradise ranch'' with role of Han Dong Joo.

In January 2008, Changmin volunteered with his father in the cleanup of the beaches in Taean, South Korea following the nation's worst oil spill in history. His trip to Taean was intended to be done in secrecy during a short break from his activities with TVXQ during the new year and was only made known to the media and public when another volunteer posted his sighting on a fan site. The incident was later confirmed by TVXQ's agent.


"Paradise Ranch" is a bright romantic drama that covers the life of a couple that were married at an early age and eventually divorced.

Hang Dong-Joo (Shim Chang-Min) and Lee Da-Ji (Lee Yeon-Hee) were childhood friends. They came to love each other and finally married in their teens, but divorced a couple of months later. Six years later, Lee Da-Ji lives with her father and younger sister on Jeju Island and works as a veterinarian, as well as running her family's ranch. Hang Dong-Joo now works for his family's business, but he's not interested in working.

Lee Da-Ji goes to Australia to buy a hoarse. There Lee Da-Ji meets Seo Yoon-Ho (Joo Sang-Wook) and gets help from him in purchasing a horse. Seo Yoon-Ho is from America and works for the biggest resort company. Lee Da-Ji also runs into ex-husband Hang Dong-Joo in Austrailia. Hang Dong-Joo is now with Park Jin-Young (Yu Ha-Na).

Back on Jeju island, Lee Da-Ji finds herself being cheated and faces loosing the ranch. Ex-husband Hang Dong-Joo comes to Jeju island to build a resort for his family's company. He then discovers that Lee Da-Ji's ranch is now under his name and his family will build a resort there. Seo Yoon-Ho also comes to jeju island for his work as a investor of the resort, which Hang Dong-Joo's family company are planning to build.


On 23 December 2012 Shim Chang-min confirmed in a South Korean television talk show ''Moonlight Prince'' which premiered 22 January 2013 on KBS. It marks Changmin's first time as a fixed MC after being in the entertainment industry for nine years and Kang's official comeback to KBS.

    It was revealed on January 4, 2013 that the show tentatively titled I Like You, Night of Meeting was to premiere on 22 January, taking over Win Win's time slot. It was also revealed that the cast would also consist of Tak Jae-hoon, Jung Jae-hyung, and Brave Brothers. On 9 January it was announced by KBS that the show's title would be changed to Moonlight Prince. In their statement KBS said, “Originally, the title ‘I Like You, Night of Meeting’, was a working title. After the production staff held a conference, they have decided to go with the fresh title ‘Moonlight Prince’. 

Moonlight Prince held its first closed filming on 12 January. The first guest was been confirmed to be Lee Seo-jin.

It was revealed on 15 January that the show would be a book and theme focused show. The guest will choose a book and the episode's topics and themes would center on the chosen book. It was also revealed that a portion of the proceeds from each week’s episode will be donated to a charity of the guest’s choice. 

The five cast members attended the show's press conference on 16 January in Yeouido. On 18 January KBS released a teaser to the show.

Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education ( 우리동네 예능과 체육의 능력자 )

On March 27, 2013 Changmin had been selected as one of the MC's for the program. It was also unfortunately revealed that though Kim Byung Man will appear on the show, he would only be joining temporarily for the show's first project. Jo Dal Han, Park Sung Ho, and SHINee‘s Minho were revealed as the first guests. It was also revealed that the first few episodes would be centered around the ping pong project.

''130904 Despite A Fall In Ratings, ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ Stays The Most-Watched Show Of Its Time Slot''

KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ has managed to keep its spot as the most watched program of its time slot.

According to Nielsen Korean, the episode of ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that aired on the 3rd scored a nationwide viewership of 7.5%.

This is 0.8% lower than 8.3%, the viewership of last week’s episode. Despite a fall in viewership, the show succeeded in keeping its place as the most watched show of its time slot.

The day’s episode followed the celebrity team’s match against the Hwasoon team of the Jeolla Southern Province. Unfortunately, the team lost 3:0 to the Hwasoon team.

Meanwhile, SBS’ ‘Hwashin’ and MBC’s ‘PD Notebook’ scored a viewership of 3.8% and 4.1% respectively.

131016 ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ Max Changmin Cracks Everyone Up When He Dances Instead Of Playing Tennis

Max Changmin drew everyone’s attention when he looked like he was going through the footwork of choreography while playing tennis.

The episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that aired on the 15th showed the celebrity team participating in their Saipan training session.

The members tried out a variety of activities to pick their fourth sports category following table tennis, bowling and badminton.

Deciding to try tennis, the celebrity team met with people of the Chamorro tribe, a local tribe in Saipan. Lee Soo Geun greeted them by saying, “You’re from the Chamorro tribe? I’m from the Hobbit tribe.”

In order to get an estimate of their skills, each member showed off their swinging poses before the match and Park Sung Ho drew everyone’s attention with a shout that rivaled that of tennis player Maria Sharapova. Meanwhile, the team commented that Changmin, “Looks like the perfect tennis players, appearance-wise,” while the star replied, “I’ve never played tennis before.” When he began swinging the racket, it looked like he was dancing and working on his footwork, and Kang Ho Dong finally said, “I think you should just stick to dancing.”

On the other hand, Kang Ho Dong surprised everyone with his flawless tennis skills.

''130904 John Park Says, “It May Be Difficult To Believe, But Max Changmin Is Actually Older Than Me”

The episode of KBS 2TV’s variety show ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that aired on the 3rd followed Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, Jo Dal Hwan, Max Changmin, Lee Man Ki, Lee Jong Soo, Chansung, John Park, FeelDog and Lee Ji Hoon on their badminton match against the Hwasoon team.

Though both singers were born in 1988, John Park has always addressed Max Changmin in an honorific tone. Regarding this, John Park stated, “The viewers are baffled by the fact that Max Changmin is older than Jon Park.”

He continued to add, “It may be really difficult to believe, but Changmin was born earlier in 1988 (T/N: Anyone born before March 1st is considered to be born the year before, so Changmin is considered a 1987er) so he’s older than me,” and “Even the director smirks when he sees us.”

Meanwhile, the celebrity team lost 0:3 to the Hwasoon team and have never won any of their four badminton matches.

SM magazine 'The Celebrity' releases video of TVXQ's Changmin the Photographer

SM Entertainment's monthly entertainment magazine 'The Celebrity' released a video of TVXQ's Changmin pursuing his hobby of photography.

Wearing either a warm red jacket or an orange coat, Changmin manages to look stylish while professional as he wanders around outdoors with his camera to take shots of anything that catches his attention.  Check out the video above to see a new side to Changmin!

Read more here:

''FOR M''

TVXQ fans may have the opportunity to see Changmin working in dramas again.

He's currently in talks to be the male lead of a drama titled, 'For M'. If he decides to join up, it'll be his first drama since 2011 when he appeared on SBS' 'Paradise Ranch'. 'For M' will actually be a drama remake of the 2007 movie 'M', and will be a fantasy romance drama.

Fly with the Gold

Also Chang-min nominated for the Hochi Film Awards in Japan for his role in Fly With the GoldHe is the first Korean to be nominated.

  • Movie: Fly With The Gold
  • Romaji: Ogon O Daite Tobe
  • Japanese: 黄金を抱いて翔べ
  • Director: Kazuyuki Izutsu
  • Writer: Kaoru Takamura (novel), Yasuhiro Yoshida, Kazuyuki Izutsu
  • Producer: Ryuhei Chiba, Shinichi Karube, Osamu Fujioka, Noboru Aburatani, Wakana Kanno, Yasushi Minatoya
  • Cinematographer: Shinya Kimura
  • Release Date: November 3, 2012
  • Runtime: 129 min.
  • Genre: Crime / Heist / Suspense
  • Distributor: Shochiku
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Kota (Satoshi Tsumabuki) hears about an impending 1.5 billion yen gold bar heist from his friend Kitagawa (Tadanobu Asano), a former college classmate, and decides to take part. The gold bar sits in the basement of the HQ of Sumita Bank.

Helping Kota and Kitagawa are bank security employee Noda (Kenta Kiritani), a North Korean spy pretending to be a college student (Shim Chang-Min), Kitagawa's younger brother Haruki (Junpei Mizobata) and a former elevator engineer (Toshiyuki Nishida). These 6 men are about to carry the boldest of schemes to bypass the bank's high-tech defense system.

Shim Chang-min's solo songs 

Wild Soul
DBSK(Changmin) (Premium Live!)
I Love You
Dong Bang Shin Gi (Changmin) (2005 Rising Sun Showcase)
Just Once (최강창민)
동방신기 (Korean)
Upon This Rock
최강창민 (3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC)
告白 (Confession)
동방신기(東方神起) (Why (Keep Your Head Down))
When I first kissed you / 창민개인기
동방신기 (東方神起) (The 2nd Live Album: Asia Concert 'O')

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